How Does a Real Estate Photographer Work?

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How Does a Real Estate Photographer Work

If you’re interested in the real estate industry, you’ve probably noticed the important role that photography plays in marketing properties. But have you ever wondered how real estate photographers capture those stunning photos that make a property stand out from the competition?

Here’s a look at the process of taking real estate photos and some tips for improving the quality of your photos.


What does a Real Estate Photographer do?

A real estate photographer is responsible for taking high-quality photos of properties for use in marketing and advertising. This can include taking pictures of the inside and outside of the house, as well as close-ups of important rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.

Real estate photographers use cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, among other things, to take the best photos they can of a property. They might also use techniques like post-processing and editing to make the photos look better.

Some real estate photographers offer traditional photos as well as virtual tours. Virtual tours give a 360-degree view of a property and let potential buyers look at it from different angles.

  • Captures high-quality photos of properties for marketing and advertising purposes
  • Takes photos of the interior and exterior of the property, as well as close-ups of key features
  • Uses a variety of equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, to capture the best possible photos
  • Enhances the appearance of the photos through post-processing and editing techniques
  • Offers virtual tours, which provide a 360-degree view of the property and allow potential buyers to explore the space from different angles
  • Works with real estate agents and brokers to understand their needs and preferences for the photos
  • Manages their own business, including marketing services, scheduling, and financial tasks such as invoicing and billing.

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What qualifications does a real estate photographer have?

There is no specific qualification or certification required to become a real estate photographer. But having a background in photography can be helpful because it can help you understand the technical parts of the craft and give you a strong foundation in techniques like composition, lighting, and post-processing.

Many real estate photographers have a degree or certificate in photography or have taken a course or program in photography. This can help them learn the basics of photography and gain a deeper understanding of the technical and creative aspects of the field.

Real estate photographers usually have a college degree and a strong portfolio of their work that shows off their skills and style. This can help them get potential clients and show agents and brokers what they can do.

The Process of Taking Real Estate Photos

Taking real estate photos involves more than just pointing a camera at a property and clicking the shutter button. Getting high-quality photos that show a property in its best light requires a few steps.

The first step is planning and preparing for the photoshoot. This means checking out the location, choosing the best time of day to take the photos, and figuring out the best angles and points of view to show off the property.

Once the photoshoot is underway, the photographer will capture a series of photos from different angles and viewpoints. This may include both interior and exterior shots, as well as close-ups of key features such as the kitchen or bathroom. Interested in the timing? Read our article about how does it take to shoot a house here.

After the photos are taken, the next step is post-processing and editing. This means picking out the best photos and editing them with software to improve their color, contrast, and overall look.

More insights:

The Equipment Used in Real Estate Photography

Real estate photographers use a variety of equipment to professional photos. This can include cameras and lenses made for professionals, as well as lighting gear and other tools.

Cameras and lenses are an essential part of the photographer’s toolkit. DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras are what most professional photographers use. These cameras give them a lot of control over things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Lenses are also important, as they can affect the perspective and focal length of the photo.

Real estate photographers often use wide-angle lenses to show the whole layout of a property, as well as more specialized lenses for close-ups and other shots.

Lighting is another important factor in real estate photography. You can do a lot with natural light, but sometimes you need artificial lighting to make a property look better. This can include the use of flash units, continuous lighting, or reflectors.

Other equipment and accessories that may be used in real estate photography include tripods, remote triggers, and filters.

Importance of good lighting - well lit room

The Importance of Good Lighting in Real Estate Photography

Good lighting is important for real estate photography because it helps show off the best parts of the property and makes the photos look better overall. Poorly lit photos can make a property look uninviting or unappealing, while well-lit photos can highlight the property’s strengths and help it stand out from the competition.

There are several techniques that photographers use to enhance the lighting in a photoshoot. This can be done with artificial lighting and techniques like exposing for the highlights or using surfaces that reflect light to bounce light into shadow areas.

Using drones in Real Estate Photography

In the past few years, more and more real estate photographers have been using drones. Photographers can use drones to take pictures of a property from above, giving a unique view of the property and its surroundings.

This can be especially useful for properties with large plots of land or properties with views of the surrounding area.

Photographers can use drones to take pictures of a property

Taking pictures of real estate with a drone requires special equipment and training, as well as following local rules and laws about drone use. Some photographers use drones to take still photos, while others use drones with cameras to take video.

When using drones for real estate photography, you can get a wider range of angles and views, and you can show off the property’s surroundings in a way that isn’t possible with traditional photos taken from the ground.

But it’s important to remember that using drones for real estate photography is not risk-free, and photographers need to take the right steps to keep themselves and others safe.

The Use of Virtual Tours in Real Estate Photography

Along with traditional photos, many real estate agents and brokers use virtual tours to give potential buyers a more immersive and interactive look at a property.

A virtual tour is a 360-degree view of a property that allows the viewer to explore the space from different angles. Virtual tours can be made with software and special cameras. You can access them online or through an app on your phone.

Virtual tours have several benefits for real estate agents and brokers. They can help get more people interested in a property by making it more fun and interesting to look at. They can also save time and money by eliminating the need for in-person showings for some properties.

The Cost of Real Estate Photography Services

The price of photography services for real estate can vary based on a number of factors. This can include the size and location of the property, the photographer’s level of experience and equipment, and the rate being charged.

On average, real estate photographers charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per photoshoot, depending on the specifics of the job. Some photographers may offer package rates that include a set number of photos or a certain amount of time on site. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Hiring a professional real estate photographer can provide several benefits. The most obvious is the quality of the photos. Professional photographers have the training, experience, and tools necessary to take high-quality photos that show a property in its best light.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is the time and effort it can save. Photographing a property can be a time-consuming process, and it requires a certain level of skill and expertise to get the best results. By hiring a professional, you can save time and focus on other aspects of marketing the property.


Real estate photography is an important part of marketing a property, and it involves more than just pointing at a camera and clicking the shutter button. The process includes planning and getting ready for the photoshoot, taking the photos, and editing them afterward to make them look better.

Good lighting, styling and staging, and editing techniques can all help improve the quality of real estate photos. Real estate photography services can cost different amounts, but hiring a professional photographer can have a lot of benefits, such as better photos and less time and work.

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