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Super easy to download and quick to install. Wish I had found your website earlier. If I need presets foor my street shots again I will definitely come back to you! :)

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Markus Kaufmann / Berlin

Love these urban preset they completely transforms my photos! My street photos look now much more professional - they are now my favorite preset THANKS!

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Alain Friedmann / NY

Great and easy use presets. I use them now not only for street photos but also for any type pictures! I recommend you to all my friends at my photo club.

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Mohammad al F. / Dubai

Street photography and taking photos in an Urban environment in combination with Lightroom Presets is currently very trendy. Surprisingly, a whole new generation of cameras focused on discretion and speed is taking over the market. Overall, it's an exciting photographic genre and a great way for you to create atmospheric images. However, you can also take portraits that say something not only about the person but also about context.

Discover a variety of stunning creative Urban Presets for your different street photography situations like Cityscapes, Abandoned Places, and photos taken in an urban environment. Don't miss our URBAN PRESET COLLECTION with 92 presets with a Special bonus of a free Steet Photography guide. If you like color-balanced photos with a modern twist this Lightroom presets for Desktop and Mobile are for you.

Table of content:

  1. Use Presets to create Amazing Urban Images
  2. Our Urban Presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile
  3. How to make Urban Presets fit my Photo?
  4. What is Urban Photography?
  5. Most Iconic Urban Photo Pioneer
  6. Create Candid Urban Photos
  7. Lookout to Capture Interaction
  8. Where is the best place to take Street Photos?
  9. How to use the Urban Presets to enhance your street photos?

Use Presets to create Amazing Urban Images

You like to move around your city and capture photographs of streets, buildings, skylines, people, or any kind of candid photos telling a story. Above all, you will love our presets. We meet your niche, in fact, we have created a set of 9 different presets for you, in addition the Legendary Urban Preset Collection a bundle with all 92 presets related to street photography.

Our Urban Presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile

  • The Urban Preset Collection is a complete bundle of premium presets and¬†includes all 92 Presets from our website. As SPECIAL BONUS we have included our Steet Photography Guide with 28 pages of Tips & Knowhow.
  • Black never goes out of style. These Urban Black Presets are perfect for creating a stylized, dramatic look. In a word, give your photos the desired black mood with dark tones and contrast.
  • Use Urban Black & Orange Presets for dark black and popping orange color to evoke feeling. This is simpler than it sounds, to do this we are going to boost up the orange and reduce most other color tones.
  • Essential Street Photography Presets to streamline your editing process, but with a professional base to give your photos a unique look.
  • Perfect Urban Teal Presets, when you are looking for that cinematic Hollywood look in your photos. All in all, Teal color tone images are famous on all social media platforms.
  • Enhance your Cityscape photos by adding Cityscapes Presets for different tones, saturated and desaturated colors, contrast, and matte effects.
  • Lost places and Abandoned Places photography is becoming increasingly popular, especially in these days of Instagram and Facebook.

>How to make Urban Presets fit my Photo?

Urban Preset example before after
Urban Preset example image before after

In my opinion, not much editing will be necessary for the sample photo. Straighten a bit and may crop the photos for a nice composition. The better you compose your image before you take it and have set the camera settings correctly, there really isn't much left to do in post-processing.

Now it's time to apply an Urban Preset, I actually just move into the developer mode in Lightroom and click a button and the photo looks like it does now. In the example image, the preset did all the magic. Automatically reduced blue, red, green, magenta saturation. Increased orange tones, reduced highlights, and increased shadows. The preset did all the magic, only a few corrections were needed. The color temperature a bit colder, pulled into the blue, a bit of the white slider turned up, done.

What is Urban Photography?

Most cities in the world have their own unique character. Besides the life in the streets filled with everyday life, coupled with exciting places that let you take a breath in the dynamic everyday life of the city. As a photographer, you may find the most exciting motifs exactly there. Basically, this trend is called: Urban Photography.

Urban Photography includes not only shots of buildings, cityscapes, streets, but of living spaces in their entire context. On the other hand, it can be considered in two styles, documentary and interpretive photography.

At many points, other areas of photography overlap with the subjects of street photography. In addition to the snapshot and architectural photography, it overlaps with elements of travel, people, reportage, or documentary photography.

Most Iconic Urban Photo Pioneer

Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of the earliest pioneers of street photography. "The decisive moment" is when everything comes together in perfect timing and that's when you press the shutter button. But that's exactly what happens very rarely, but I won't reveal a secret that cameras with a continuous shooting function are very helpful.

Create Candid Urban Photos

You can also include the so-called candid photography. Overall, it describes the art of taking spontaneous pictures and photographing unnoticed, but this requires bravery. You have to capture the scene quickly, but still not interfere or disturb. Eventually the person - unposed out of the situation - looks exactly into the camera. This can be happiness, pain, sadness, anger, loneliness, humor, fear, or love.

To find strong emotions in the hustle and bustle of the city is difficult to find. Therefore, to capture them you have to be quick to take the photo, but at best before people even notice you.

Lookout to Capture Interaction

I don't believe that street photography always has to involve people. I personally find interaction very important. In addition, with this in mind, you can take urban photos that show the state of society, for example or a scene that somehow triggers a feeling of nostalgia, emotions, or social criticism.

Street photography captures scenes from everyday life but does not necessarily have anything to do with streets. In conclusion, it is called so because everyday life often takes place on the streets of cities.

Where is the best place to take Street Photos?

I have found that the more people are in a place, the more interesting people there are. Because in big cities and in busy places you can expect the most interesting motives.

My favorite places are at bus stops, crosswalks, and shopping streets. For instance, find places where people have to stop for a short time, it is easier to take pictures of them than when they are moving.

This is especially important in the beginning so that there are sharp pictures. Especially the secrecy of the big city makes it easier to get to the people in the beginning. In addition, big events and fairs are also good moments to get close to people with your camera. Similarly, where there are a lot of tourists because it is much easier to take pictures and is less noticeable.

How to use the Urban Presets to enhance your street photos?

  • First, open Adobe Lightroom and select a photo to edit, click the Edit icon. Second, click Presets at the bottom of the column of editing panels to open the Presets panel. Third, click a category title in the Presets panel to access the presets in that category.
  • To preview how an Urban Preset will look on the selected photo, hover over the preset without clicking. But notice that some of the controls in the editing panels change.
    Tip: This is a useful way to teach yourself about the effects of different editing controls.
  • When you find a suitable preset you like, click the preset name to apply it to the selected photo. You can apply multiple presets to the same photo.
  • You can remove presets using the Undo or Revert to Original commands.
  • If you want more than one version of a photo, each with a different preset, choose Edit > Make a Copy. Because this creates an additional copy of the photo in your photo library.