Real Estate Photography Pricing for Different Properties

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Real Estate Photography Pricing for Different Properties

In the bustling world of real estate, where first impressions are often the only impressions, photography plays a pivotal role.

Think about it: before a potential buyer steps foot into a property, they’re introduced to it through photos. And these aren’t just any photos—they’re carefully crafted images that can make or break a sale.

But how much does it cost to capture these crucial shots? Let’s embark on a journey through the lens of real estate photography pricing.

The Factors That Influence Real Estate Photography Pricing

Property Size and Type

The canvas dictates the art. A studio apartment, with its compact space and limited rooms, requires a different approach than a sprawling mansion with multiple bedrooms, a pool, and perhaps a garden.

Commercial properties, with their vast open spaces or intricate designs, present a unique set of challenges. Naturally, the larger and more complex the property, the higher the photography cost.

Property Size and Type

Location and Accessibility

Location isn’t just crucial for property value—it’s also a significant factor in photography pricing. A property nestled in the heart of a bustling city might require photographers to navigate traffic, find parking, and haul equipment up several flights of stairs.

On the other hand, a remote mountain retreat, while serene, might involve travel expenses and accessibility challenges.

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Time and Effort Required

Photography is a game of light and shadow. Different times of the day offer varied lighting conditions, each with its unique charm.

While day shoots are the norm, twilight shoots, capturing the property as the sun sets, offer a magical aura—but at a premium. And if the property has intricate details or requires staging, the shoot can take longer, impacting the price.

Post-Processing and Editing

The magic doesn’t end when the shutter closes. Raw images undergo post-processing to enhance colors, correct distortions, and ensure the property looks its absolute best.

This editing process, often time-consuming, plays a significant role in determining the final cost.

Pricing for Different Property Types

Average Pricing for Different Property Types

A. Studio Apartments and One-Bedroom Flats

Compact spaces challenge photographers to get creative. The goal is to make the property look spacious and inviting.

Depending on the city and the photographer’s reputation, prices can range from $150 to $400.

Factors like location, accessibility, and additional editing can influence the final cost.

B. Family Homes and Townhouses

These properties often come with multiple rooms, a backyard, and perhaps a garage.

Capturing the essence of each space, ensuring consistency, and highlighting unique features can be time-consuming.

Prices typically range from $300 to $700, with variations based on the property’s size and the photographer’s expertise.

C. Luxury Mansions and Estates

The epitome of opulence! These properties often sprawl over vast areas, boasting features like swimming pools, elaborate gardens, and sometimes even private docks or helipads.

Given the scale and the need to capture luxury, prices can start from $700 and soar well into the thousands.

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D. Commercial Spaces and Office Buildings

Unlike residential properties, commercial spaces aim to capture the essence of functionality and professionalism.

Whether it’s an office, a warehouse, or a retail space, the photography should reflect its purpose.

Prices can vary widely, from $500 to $1500, based on the property’s size and function.

Tips for Budgeting Your Real Estate Photography

Quick Tips for Budgeting Your Real Estate Photography

  • Research Photographers: Prices can vary significantly. Look for photographers whose style matches your vision.
  • Understand the Package: Some photographers might offer a flat rate, while others could charge per hour.
  • Factor in Additional Costs: Travel, special equipment, and extended editing can add to the bill.

The Role of Drones in Real Estate Photography Pricing

Elevate your listings—literally! Drones offer a fresh perspective, showcasing properties from angles previously unimaginable.

Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of a mansion or a panoramic shot of a commercial complex, drones add a touch of cinematic flair.

However, drone photography requires specialized equipment and often additional permits. Expect to add anywhere from $150 to $600 for drone shots, depending on the complexity and location.


Real estate photography is an intricate dance of art and commerce. While it’s tempting to cut corners and opt for budget options, remember that these photos often serve as the first introduction to a property.

Investing in quality photography can translate to faster sales and higher prices. After all, in the world of real estate, an image isn’t just worth a thousand words—it’s worth thousands of dollars!

Frequently Asked Question

How do you calculate photography cost?

Photography cost is calculated based on several factors including the photographer’s experience, equipment used, location of the shoot, duration, post-processing efforts, and any additional services or special requirements. Some photographers charge a flat rate, while others might charge per hour or per photo.

What is the best camera for real estate photography?

The best camera often depends on the specific needs and budget, but popular choices among professionals include the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Nikon D850, and Sony A7R III due to their high resolution, dynamic range, and versatility.

Do you need a full-frame camera for real estate photography?

While it’s not strictly necessary, a full-frame camera is often preferred in real estate photography. They offer a wider field of view, which is beneficial for capturing spacious interiors and exteriors, and generally perform better in low-light conditions.

What is an MLS ready photo?

An MLS (Multiple Listing Service) ready photo refers to a photograph that meets the specific guidelines and requirements set by the MLS for property listings. This often means the photo is correctly sized, formatted, and free of watermarks or branding.

How many pictures should be expected from a 1-hour shoot?

The number of pictures from a 1-hour shoot can vary based on the type of shoot, the subject, and the photographer’s style. For real estate photography, one might expect anywhere from 20 to 50 photos, depending on the property size and specific client requirements.

When should I start charging for my photography?

You should consider charging for your photography once you’re confident in your skills, have a portfolio to showcase your work, and can consistently deliver professional-quality photos. It’s also essential to understand the business aspects, such as pricing, contracts, and client communication.

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