202 Ultimate Food Hashtags for Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube

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Guide to Food Hashtags for Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube

Diving into the dynamic world of “food hashtags“? Whether you’re looking to spice up your posts on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, you’re in the right place.

Hashtags have seamlessly integrated into our social media lexicon, turning simple pound symbols (#) into powerful connectors in the digital realm.

For food enthusiasts, influencers, chefs, and anyone eager to share their culinary adventures, these tags are not just mere words; they’re keys to global engagement.

When used right, they can elevate a dish from being just a meal on a plate to a trending topic across continents.

Let’s embark on this flavorful journey and unlock the potential of food hashtags across various platforms.

1. Quality Content Comes

First Before worrying about hashtags, focus on creating great content that people want to engage with.

Flooding your captions with irrelevant tags looks spammy and detracts from your photos and messages. Use hashtags thoughtfully to complement your content, not overwhelm it.

2. Food Hashtag Best Partie

When posting about your latest cooking creation, use tags that describe what it is, like #homemade, #dinner, and #baking for a casserole recipe.

For indulgent desserts, try tags like #cheatsweettooth, #foodgasm and #nofilterneeded for a decadent chocolate cake.

For breakfast, use #goodmorning, #breakfasttime and #coffietime for dishes like avocado toast. Include 2-5 relevant hashtags per post.

Most Popular Food Hashtags

3. The Most Popular Food Hashtags

Stepping into the realm of general food hashtags, we find the pillars of food content on social media. These are the tags you’ve undoubtedly come across while scrolling through your feed:

  1. #food: The fundamental tag for any food-related content. It’s the most generic, but captures the vastness of the culinary universe.

  2. #foodporn: Highlights those visually stunning dishes that are almost too good to eat. It’s all about the drool factor here.

  3. #foodie: Represents the community of food lovers. It’s not just about eating, but cherishing every bite.

  4. #instafood: A nod to Instagram’s massive food community. This tag celebrates food that’s as delightful to the eyes as it is to the palate.

  5. #foodphotography: Where the art of photography meets culinary creativity. It’s all about capturing the dish in its best light. Learn more about food photography here.

  6. #foodstagram: A fusion of food and Instagram. This tag showcases the very best of food content on the platform.

  7. #yummy: Quite self-explanatory! It’s all about foods that make you go “Mmm…”.

  8. #foodblogger: A shoutout to those dedicated bloggers who combine their love for food and writing.

  9. #foodlover: Goes beyond just eating. This is for those who have a passionate affair with their plate.

  10. #instagood: More general, highlighting posts that are standout and engaging on Instagram.

  11. #love: Universal and can relate to a love for food, ingredients, or even the process of cooking.

  12. #delicious: Celebrating dishes that are an absolute treat to the taste buds.

  13. #follow: A general call-to-action, urging viewers to engage and connect with the content or creator.

  14. #like: Another engagement-driven tag, aiming to garner likes and appreciation.

  15. #healthyfood: Shining the spotlight on nutritious and wholesome meals that don’t skimp on taste.

  16. #homemade: Celebrating dishes crafted in the warmth of home kitchens.

  17. #dinner: For those evening feasts, be it a quiet meal or a grand spread.

  18. #foodgasm: The euphoria one feels after tasting something absolutely divine.

  19. #tasty: A nod to dishes that pack a punch in terms of flavor.

  20. #photooftheday: Highlighting standout photography, where the dish is the star.

  21. #foodies: Encompassing the community of food enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

  22. #restaurant: Delves into the world of eateries, from cozy cafes to luxury dining.

  23. #cooking: Celebrating the art and craft of preparing food.

  24. #lunch: Dedicated to mid-day meals, from quick bites to elaborate spreads.

  25. #picoftheday: Showcasing standout images, with a focus on visual appeal.

  26. #bhfyp: An acronym for “Best Hashtags For Your Post”, often used to boost visibility.

  27. #foodpics: A gallery of delicious dishes, celebrating food in all its photographic glory.

  28. #instagram: A broad tag, acknowledging the platform of Instagram itself.

  29. #healthy: Showcasing not just food, but a lifestyle choice focusing on well-being.

  30. #chef: A salute to the professionals behind those incredible dishes, from line cooks to master chefs.

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But here’s the real secret sauce: To maximize your reach, you shouldn’t just slap on #food and call it a day. It’s about crafting a cocktail of hashtags that work for you.

Start with one or two general tags like #foodie or #instafood. Then, stir in some more specific ones relevant to your post.

This combo ensures you’re not just casting a wide net, but also targeting those niche audiences who’ll truly appreciate your content.

Remember, it’s not about bombarding your post with hashtags but choosing the right ones that resonate with your content and your audience.

So, next time you post that tantalizing tiramisu or that perfect pizza, think about the story you want to tell and choose your hashtags wisely.


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Meal Hashtags

4. Meal Hashtags

Every meal has its own essence, its own story. From the bright sunlit mornings with breakfast to the serene, candlelit evenings of dinner, each mealtime carries a different vibe. And, in the hashtag world, these vibes are well-represented. Let’s break them down:

  • #breakfast: Think sunny-side-up eggs, fluffy pancakes, and steaming cups of coffee. It’s about waking up to a fresh start and hashtags like #morningfuel, #breakfastclub, and #riseanddine.

    More ideas #MorningDelights, #EggsAndToast, #BreakfastBowl, #MorningEats, #CerealLover

  • #brunch: Ah, the leisurely overlap of breakfast and lunch. A time for mimosas, avocado toast, and catching up with friends.

    Dive into #brunchgoals, #sundaybrunch, and #brunching for posts that capture this relaxed vibe.

    More ideas #BrunchVibes, #MimosaTime, #BrunchSquad, #EggsBenedictDay, #LazyBrunch

  • #lunch: From quick sandwiches on-the-go to hearty midday feasts, lunch is that much-needed break in the day.

    Hashtags like #lunchtime, #lunchboxideas, and #healthylunch elevate these midday meals.

    More ideas #MiddayMunchies, #LunchBoxHero, #QuickBites, #LunchDate, #WrapItUp

  • #dinner: As the day winds down, dinner becomes a time for reflection, connection, and, of course, deliciousness.

    Explore #dinnerideas, #dinnerspread, and #familydinner for inspiration.

    More ideas #EveningFeast, #DineInStyle, #CandlelitDinner, #DinnerStories, #HomecookedGoodness

  • #desserts: The sweetest part of any meal! From brownies and ice creams to sophisticated pastries, dive into #dessertporn, #sweettooth, and #desserttable to satisfy those sugar cravings.

    More Ideas #DessertFirst, #CakeLover, #IceCreamDream, #PastryPassion, #ChocolateHeaven

Whether it’s a quick snack or a grand meal, these hashtags ensure your post gets the attention it deserves, segmenting them according to the mealtime vibes.

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Cuisine Hashtags

5. Cuisine Hashtags

The world is a melting pot of flavors, traditions, and cuisines. In every corner, there’s a unique dish, an age-old recipe, waiting to be shared. And in the hashtag universe, these global tastes have carved out their own niches. Let’s embark on a gastronomic journey:

  • #Italian: Dive into the world of pizzas, pastas, and tiramisus. Discover the richness of Italian cuisine through hashtags like #italianfoodporn, #pastalovers, and #pizzagram.More ideas #PizzaParty, #PastaPassion, #GelatoJoy, #TiramisuTales, #CarbonaraCraze

  • #Mexican: A burst of flavors and colors! Explore the spicy, tangy, and sweet notes of Mexican dishes through #mexicanfoodie, #tacotuesday, and #guacamolelove. More ideas #TacoTribe, #BurritoBinge, #SalsaSwirl, #EnchiladaEvenings, #QuesadillaQuest

  • #Asian: Spanning a vast region from Japan’s sushi to India’s curries, the Asian cuisine is a treasure trove. Delve into #asiancuisine, #sushilovers, and #spicycurry for a taste of this diversity. More ideas #DimsumDiaries, #CurryClub, #RamenRush, #StirFryStories, #BaoBites

  • #American: Think juicy burgers, fluffy pancakes, and barbecues. Experience the hearty and diverse American meals with #americanfoodporn, #burgerlife, and #bbqtime. More ideas #BurgerBuddies, #PancakePile, #FriesBeforeGuys, #BBQBeast, #PiePleasures

…and so many more. The beauty of food is its universality, yet its unique flavor profiles that differentiate one region from another.

By using the right cuisine hashtags, you’re not just posting a meal; you’re sharing a slice of a country’s culture, history, and heart.

Remember, while these are popular hashtags, the best results often come when you mix them up with more niche or personalized tags that reflect your unique content and voice. Happy hashtagging!

Beverage Hashtags

6. Beverage Hashtags

Whether it’s the morning brew that gets you started or the evening cocktail that sets the mood, beverages play a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives.

They’re not just drinks; they’re experiences, memories, and sometimes, even a lifestyle. Let’s explore the world of beverage hashtags:

  • #coffee: There’s a vast community behind this beloved brew. Dive into the realm of coffee lovers with hashtags such as #CoffeeAddict, #LatteArt, #ColdBrewCraze, #BaristaLife, and #CoffeeBreaks.

  • #tea: A sip that connects continents! From the traditional Earl Greys to the aromatic Chais, tea has its fanbase. Tags like #TeaTime, #GreenTeaGuru, #ChaiChats, #BrewedBeauty, and #TeaLover are popular in this segment.

  • #wine: Celebrate the world of vintages and vineyards. #WineWednesday, #VinoVibes, #WineryWonders, #CorkandPour, and #WineandDine are hashtags that resonate with wine aficionados.

  • #cocktails: Dive into the colorful, creative world of mixology. Engage with #CocktailHour, #MixologyMagic, #Drinkstagram, #ShakenOrStirred, and #HappyHourHeroes.

  • #smoothies: For the health-conscious and flavor-chasers alike. Popular tags include #SmoothieBowl, #JuiceJunkie, #BlendAndSip, #SuperfoodSmoothie, and #DetoxDrink.

With beverage hashtags, you’re not just highlighting a drink but showcasing a mood, a moment, or even an art form. It’s about the culture, tradition, and the shared love for that perfect sip.

Dietary Hashtags

7. Dietary Food Hashtags

In today’s age of health consciousness, many people have taken strides towards specific dietary lifestyles, either out of necessity, belief, or well-being.

These dietary preferences have paved the way for a robust online community, ready to share, learn, and inspire:

  • #glutenfree: For those navigating the world without gluten, be it due to allergies or choices. Dive into #GlutenFreeLife, #CeliacStrong, #NoGlutenNoProblem, #GFreeEats, and #GlutenFreeGoodness.

  • #vegan: A lifestyle choice that’s seen a massive surge in recent years. Engage with the vegan community using #VeganForLife, #PlantBasedDiet, #VeganEats, #CrueltyFreeFood, and #VegansOfIG.

  • #vegetarian: Celebrating the world of plant-based diets without the stringent vegan boundaries. #VeggieLife, #MeatFreeMeals, #VegetarianRecipes, #PlantPowered, and #GreensAndMore resonate with this group.

  • #keto: A low-carb, high-fat diet that’s taken the world by storm. Delve into the keto community with #KetoJourney, #KetogenicDiet, #KetoFriendly, #KetoMeals, and #LowCarbHighFat.

These hashtags not only offer a glance into a specific dietary realm but also create a supportive community. They unite people with similar lifestyles, challenges, and achievements, building a network of shared experiences and stories.

Food and drink, and our choices around them, often say a lot more about us than just our palate preferences. They speak of our culture, health choices, convictions, and even our aspirations.

Harnessing the power of hashtags in these domains brings forth a vibrant tapestry of global tastes and tales. Cheers to that!

Street Food Hashtags

8. Street Food Hashtags

From tantalizing tacos to sizzling skewers, street food offers a symphony of tastes and aromas that tantalize the senses. Embark on a culinary adventure and share your street food escapades with these engaging hashtags.
Let’s celebrate the diversity and deliciousness of street food together!
  • #streetfood: The fundamental tag for any street food-related content. It’s the most generic, but captures the vastness of the global street food scene.
  • #streetfoodvibes: Captures the unique atmosphere and energy of street food gatherings and markets.
  • #streetfoodfinds: Highlights the exciting discoveries and hidden gems of the street food world.
  • #streetfoodlover: Identifies those with a passion for exploring and savoring street food flavors.
  • #streetfoodporn: Emphasizes the visually enticing and mouthwatering aspects of street food dishes.
  • #streetfoodfoodie: Identifies individuals who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about street food cuisine.
  • #streetfoodculture: Embraces the diverse culinary traditions and cultural significance of street food.
  • #streetfoodadventures: Captures the thrill of exploring new street food destinations and experiences.
  • #streetfoodcravings: Expresses the intense desire for indulging in delicious street food treats.
  • #streetfoodmemories: Shares cherished moments and experiences involving street food consumption.
  • #streetfoodinspiration: Showcases creativity and innovation in street food preparation and presentation.
  • #streetfoodcommunity: Fosters a sense of connection among street food enthusiasts and vendors.

Food Brand Hashtags

9. Food Brand Hashtags

In today’s digital age, brand visibility isn’t limited to TV commercials or billboards. Social media platforms have paved the way for an interactive brand experience. And food brands? They’ve got the audience salivating with every post:

  • #nutella: Who can resist the creamy hazelnut spread? This hashtag often accompanies mouth-watering dessert recipes or simple bread spreads, highlighting its versatility. Pair it with #SpreadTheLove or #NutellaMoments for an added touch.

  • #oreos: The world-famous cookie sandwich has fans dunking worldwide. Dive into the world of black and white cookies with tags like #DunkIt, #OreoCreation, or #TwistLickDunk.

  • #starbucks: It’s not just coffee; it’s a lifestyle. Engage with a massive fanbase using tags such as #StarbucksDate, #FrappuccinoFeels, or #BrewedStories.

The synergy between influencers and branded hashtags can’t be stressed enough. With the right tag, an influencer can boost a brand’s reach exponentially, while brands get to engage with their audience in a more personal, relatable manner.

10. Real-world Food Hashtags Examples for Instagram

A close-up shot of a chef's hands preparing a fresh dish.
#FoodPrep #FreshIngredients #CulinaryArt #FoodPhotography


A beautifully plated dish on a rustic wooden table.
#PlatedPerfection #FoodArt #RusticVibes #FoodPorn


An overhead shot of a colorful, diverse spread of various dishes.
#FoodSpread #ColorfulCuisine #FeastYourEyes #FoodieHeaven


A candid shot of a person enjoying a bite, with a focus on their expression.
#TasteTest #SavorTheMoment #FoodLovers #DeliciousBites


Maximizing Engagement with Food Hashtags

11. Tips for Maximizing Engagement with Food Hashtags

  • Mix & Match: Blend in trending tags with niche-specific ones. While trending tags increase visibility, niche ones help in targeted reach.

  • Less Is More: While platforms like Instagram allow up to 30 hashtags, research suggests 7-11 is the sweet spot. Overloading might come across as spammy.

  • Placement Matters: Consider adding your hashtags at the end of your captions or in the first comment. It keeps the primary caption clean and engaging.

  • Captions & Emojis: A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a catchy caption with a sprinkle of emojis can make your post relatable and fun.

  • Genuine Engagement: Engage authentically. Respond to comments, engage with other similar accounts, and always remain authentic to your brand voice.

  • Brand Yourself with Hashtags: To promote your business on social media, create branded hashtags. For example, a bakery called Jane’s Cakes could encourage customers to use #JanesCakes to spotlight their products. 

  • Food Photography Tips: Great food photos will get more traction on hashtag feeds. Use natural lighting, style dishes attractively, and take photos from multiple angles. 

  • Stay on Trend: Look at current food hashtags trends and come up with your own clever spins on them. For example, #avotoast turned into #avoburrito. 

Practices for Food Hashtags across Popular Platforms

12. Best Practices for Food Hashtags across Popular Platforms

In the digital age, knowing how to navigate the hashtag game is crucial, especially when you’re looking to up your engagement and reach in the culinary world.

However, each platform has its unique vibe, audience, and algorithm. Let’s delve into the best practices for using food hashtags on some of the most popular social media platforms.

A. Instagram: Posts & Reels

  • Specificity Matters: The more specific your hashtags, the more targeted your audience. For instance, #VeganChocolateCake will likely reach a more engaged audience than just #Cake.

  • Utilize Stories & Reels: Don’t limit hashtags to posts. Using them in your stories and reels can increase visibility. For reels, the description space is limited, so choose your hashtags wisely.

  • Avoid Overloading: Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn’t mean you should use them all. Research suggests 7-11 is optimal.

  • Engage with the Community: Don’t just use hashtags. Engage with them. Explore the tags you’re using and interact with other users’ content.

B. TikTok: Dancing with Hashtags

  • Trending vs. Niche: While jumping on trending hashtags can boost visibility, ensure they’re relevant to your content. Mix in food-specific tags to reach your target audience.

  • Short & Sweet Captions: TikTok captions have a character limit, so be concise. Pick the most impactful hashtags.

  • Engage with Challenges: TikTok is home to numerous challenges. Engage with food-related challenges to boost your visibility and showcase your creativity.

C. YouTube: Flavorful Tags & Tasty Thumbnails

  • Tag in the Backend: Use hashtags in your video description. YouTube will display the first three tags above your video title.

  • Combine with SEO: Your tags should align with the keywords in your video title, description, and even the content spoken in the video.

  • Use Brand & Ingredient Tags: Apart from general food hashtags, consider using brand or ingredient-specific tags to tap into those search queries.

D. Twitter: Bite-Sized Engagement

  • Limit Your Hashtags: Due to the character limit on Twitter, it’s best to use 1-2 relevant hashtags per tweet.

  • Engage with Trending Topics: If there’s a trending food topic that aligns with your content, jump in! Engaging with trending hashtags can significantly boost your reach.

  • Use Tags in Threads: If you’re sharing a recipe or a story in a thread, use your hashtags in the initial tweet to ensure maximum visibility.

Understanding the nuances of each platform ensures that your content gets the attention it deserves. Remember, the world of food is vast, and the digital realm even more so.

By mastering the hashtag game, you can ensure your culinary creations stand out in a crowded digital space. Bon Appétit!


Wrapping it Up

We’ve embarked on a flavorful journey through the dynamic realm of food hashtags, exploring their various facets and their powerful influence in the sprawling digital landscape.

From basic mealtime tags to global cuisines, dietary preferences, beloved food brands, and even a glimpse into the exciting future of hashtags, it’s evident that these simple yet impactful strings of characters are much more than just trendy add-ons.

They’re bridges connecting food enthusiasts, connoisseurs, chefs, brands, and everyday eaters across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. They’re tools that transcend geographic boundaries, introducing us to dishes, cultures, and culinary techniques we might’ve otherwise never encountered.

So, why stop at just reading? It’s time to plate up your passion and make every post a savory success! Remember, the right mix of hashtags can add that extra dash of spice to your digital presence.

So, #GetCooking, experiment with your hashtag game, and share with us your stories of hashtag triumphs. Your digital audience awaits, hungry for content that’s both appetizing and engaging!

With the right hashtag strategy, your next post might just be the talk of the virtual town. And in the world of digital dining, isn’t that a delicious thought?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 most popular food hashtags?

Historically, the three most popular food hashtags have been #foodie, #instafood, and #foodporn.

Which food hashtags attract customers for a restaurant?

For restaurants, hashtags such as #LocalEats, #[NameOfRestaurant], and #FarmToTable can be particularly effective in attracting customers.

What are the 4 types of hashtags?

The four primary types of hashtags are Content Hashtags, Trending Hashtags, Brand-specific Hashtags, and Community Hashtags.

Which food hashtags work best?

The most effective food hashtags often combine popular general tags, like #foodporn, with more niche, specific hashtags relevant to the content, such as #VeganTacos.

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What your best Food Hashtags? Let us know in the comments.

By Furoore team member Silvain

Silvain is a French/German national and has been with the Furoore Team since the beginning. He likes to write about various photography themes, especially food photography. If you leave a comment, he will come back to you to answer any questions you may have.

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