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Unleash the allure of city streets with our Fashion Street Photography Presets. Elevate your images instantly with one click, transforming ordinary shots into captivating visual stories. Vibrant colors, urban flair, and timeless elegance – our presets are the secret weapon to make your fashion photography stand out.

Upgrade your style today!

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Turn Ordinary Streets into Fashion Runways !

Turn Ordinary Streets into Fashion Runways with presets

Fashion Street Photography Presets

Are you ready to transform your street photography into breathtaking, jaw-dropping masterpieces? Look no further! Introducing our cutting-edge film inspired “Presets for Fashion Street Photography” – the secret weapon to unlock the true potential of your artistic vision.

What’s Included

» 14 Fashion Street Photography Presets
» 25 Clean Edit Presets
» 1x Instruction Guide (PDF)
» File formats: XMP, DNG
* 14 DNG files

Clean Edit Presets

Use the Clean Edit Presets to make basic adjustments and set the foundation for your image. They also speed-up your workflow and offer you endless style combinations.

Compatible with:

» Adobe® Lightroom® 7.5 or later
» Adobe® Camera Raw 10.5 or later
» Adobe® Lightroom Mobile

Before woman wearing a leather coat
Before friendly hipster couple dressed in boho style After friendly hipster couple dressed in boho style
Before fashion street photo example young woman mint dress After - fashion street photo example young woman mint dress
Before woman with sunglasses wearing a jeans jacket
Before woman wearing a long dress walking the sidewalk After woman wearing a long dress walking the sidewalk
Before woman wearing a leather coat After woman wearing a leather coat
Before french womem with pink scarf standing in front of wall After french womem with pink scarf standing in front of wall


As soon as your payment went through, you receive the download link direct by email.

Follow the simple instructions at How to install Lightroom Presets and start using them on your desktop or mobile device.

Fashion Street Photography Presets for Lightroom with Easy Adjustment

  • The Fashion Street Photography Presets for Lightroom have been carefully made by a professional photographer. In short, they are made to look great on many different photos.
  • The Presets are very easy to use with the Desktop and Mobile App version of Lightroom. In fact, you can edit amazing photos on your smartphone.
  • In the first place, take a photo with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, point & shoot camera, or your smartphone. Second, upload a photo and open it in Lightroom. Third, add the preset to your photo.
  • Please keep in mind that preset results can vary with each photo. For example, it can vary depending on the white balance, exposure, tones, and settings of the original photo..
  • After applying a preset, you may need to apply some manual adjustments. However, you can move the filter sliders for the desired result.
  • A preset may alter the skin tone of a person in your photo. In that case, use the color adjustments within Lightroom till you reach a skin tone that works for you.
  • Photos that are overexposed, underexposed, or are of low-quality are not suitable for presets. In that case, you may have limited results.

Clean edit presets allow you to set the perfect foundation of your image by adjusting for example white balance, exposure, whites, etc. Each clean edit preset changes only one value, without overwriting other adjustments and values.

  • Understand Your Presets: Before applying a preset, it’s important to understand what adjustments it makes to your photo. This will help you choose the most suitable preset for each image and make any necessary tweaks after applying it.
  • Use Presets as a Starting Point: Presets should be used as a starting point, not a one-size-fits-all solution. After applying a preset, you may still need to make additional adjustments to achieve the desired look, especially when it comes to exposure, white balance, and cropping.
  • Organize Your Presets: If you have a large collection of presets, it’s important to keep them organized. This will make it easier to find the right preset when you need it. You can organize your presets by type, style, or any other criteria that makes sense to you.
  • Don’t Overdo It: While presets can enhance your photos, overusing them can make your images look unnatural. It’s important to strike a balance between enhancing your photos and preserving their natural look.
  • Create Your Own Presets: If you often find yourself making the same adjustments to your photos, consider creating your own presets. This can save you a lot of time and help you achieve a consistent style in your photography.

In the ever-evolving world of photography, fashion street photography stands out as a dynamic and expressive genre. To master the art of capturing style amidst the urban backdrop, consider these five tips for creating striking fashion street photography:

1. Location is Key

Transform your surroundings into a fashion playground by selecting trendy and diverse locations. Explore vibrant neighborhoods, iconic city streets, and eclectic urban settings. The environment plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of your fashion shots, making every image a narrative of style against a dynamic backdrop.

2. Embrace Natural Light

Harness the power of natural light to accentuate fashion details and create a captivating atmosphere. The soft, golden hues during the golden hours (early morning and late afternoon) provide a flattering glow, emphasizing textures and enhancing the overall mood of your photographs. Experiment with shadows and highlights to add depth and dimension to your street fashion compositions.

3. Candid Moments Tell Stories

Authenticity is the heartbeat of fashion street photography. Keep your camera ready to capture candid moments that reveal genuine emotions and styles. Allow your subjects to express themselves naturally, creating images that resonate with authenticity and connect with viewers on a personal level. Unscripted poses and spontaneous expressions often become the soul of your visual story.

4. Focus on Fashion Details

Elevate your street photography by directing attention to the intricate details that define fashion. Zoom in on accessories, patterns, and textures that tell a unique story. Whether it’s a pair of stylish shoes, a statement handbag, or the play of light on a tailored fabric, highlighting these finer elements adds depth and interest to your fashion street portfolio.

5. Experiment with Editing Presets

Post-processing is the final brushstroke that brings your vision to life. Experiment with fashion street photography presets during the editing phase to achieve a cohesive and professional aesthetic. These presets streamline your workflow, allowing you to explore various styles and create a signature look for your portfolio. Enhance colors, contrast, and mood to elevate your images and make them stand out in the crowded world of fashion photography.

Mastering fashion street photography is a blend of creativity, observation, and technical finesse. Embrace these tips as stepping stones to unlock the potential of capturing the essence of style on the bustling streets. With each click, tell a story that resonates with the vibrant pulse of the urban fashion scene.

‘”Fashion photography is the poetry of attire, a dance between light and fabric. In every frame, I seek to capture not just clothing, but the essence of identity and expression. Through the lens, I paint stories with style, transforming moments into everlasting impressions.” – Mario Testino

You are not allowed to sell or redistribute to another individual and/or party in any way. You can only use these products for your personal or commercial use. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partnerships. All Presets by Furoore are copyright protected.

Due to the downloadable nature of these products, all digital sales are final sales. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges


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Fashion street photography presets for Lightroom. Presets cover image showing a young woman walking down a narrow alley in a blue dress.
Fashion Street Photography Presets