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Abandoned places fascinate not only photographers. Lost places photography is becoming increasingly popular, especially in these days of Instagram and Facebook. The filter pack will enhance your photos of lost places by adding different tones, saturated and desaturated colors, contrast, and matte effects.

•  Get 28 Urban Black Lightroom Presets
•  Inclusive Smart Presets for endless possibilities
•  Transform your Photos with One-Click
•  Give your Photos a professional Look
•  Instant transformation & Style
•  Very easy to use
•  Saves you Time and Energy
•  Presets are fully customizable
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This shows the Abandoned Places Filter Collection

Start creating amazing Abandoned Places images today.

Abandoned Places Presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile

The flexible Abandoned Places Presets work in a huge variety of light conditions and many different subjects. The presents will look pretty with many urban scenes. Instantly use them for your street portraits, non-posed street photography, documentary-style photos, street architecture, photographing people, etc. Above all, each preset is also fully editable. Start today and give your photos your very own touch.



•  Start getting beautiful Photos quickly

Creating pretty photos and looking for the right tone effect can be very tough. For this reason, we at Furoore have spent countless hours for you creating this dark Abandoned Places Filter Set. So that, you do not have to.

•  Quality above Quantity

We respect our customers and try our best to provide extra high-quality presets to simplify the editing. With our presets you achieve unique results in one click. You can easily adjust them to your own style or the look you are going for. As an extra, we have added 2 free preset tools to the XMP and LRTEMPLATE pack. See also our various other related premium presets for Lightroom at Urban Presets.

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As soon as your payment went through, you get instant access to the product. In addition, you receive the download link direct by email.

•  Easy Installation

Follow the simple instructions at How to install Lightroom Presets and start using them on your desktop or mobile device.

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You only pay once to use your presets for your photos for as long as you want.

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Lost Places Presets easy adjustment to fit your Photo

  • The Lost Places Presets for Lightroom has been carefully made by a professional photographer. In short, they are made to look great on many different photos.
  • The Presets are very easy to use with the Desktop and Mobile App version of Lightroom. In fact, you can edit amazing photos on your smartphone.
  • In the first place, take a photo with your DSLR, point & shoot camera, or your Smartphone. Second, upload a photo and open it in Lightroom. Third, add the preset to your photo.
  • Please keep in mind that filter results can vary with each photo. For example, it can vary depending on the white balance, exposure, tones, and settings of the original photo..
  • After applying a preset, you may need to apply some manual adjustments. However, you can move the filter sliders for the desired result.
  • A preset may alter the skin tone of a person in your photo. In that case, use the color adjustments within Lightroom till you reach a skin tone that works for you.
  • Photos that are overexposed, underexposed, or are of low-quality are not suitable for presets. In that case, you may have limited results.

You are not allowed to sell or redistribute to another individual and/or party in any way. You can only use these products for your personal or commercial use. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partnerships. All Presets by Furoore are copyright protected.

Due to the downloadable nature of these products, all digital sales are final sales. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges

The great advantage of Lightroom is firstly the ability to edit your images. Secondly, to recreate your favorite photo effects and styles. Therefore, that’s when specially designed presets come into play because they are saving the time to play around with all the adjustment sliders.

You can use our professionally designed Abandoned Places with street images of all kinds. Basically, each preset has been crafted to look great with a wide variety of street photography images. However, you can always make adjustments to suit individual photos.

Abandoned places are eerie and enticing, but many of us wouldn’t venture in to see them for ourselves. – Simon Yeung

Basically, the photography of abandoned places does not differ from any other form of photography. The basic principles of image composition, lighting, or color theory remain the same here.

As with any good photograph, it is also necessary to depict the perfect line of sight or the best course of light. Basic principles such as the “golden section” remain.

Most of the time, less is more. Be careful not to shoot a “wide shot” in every room. Often it is not the room that impresses, but only the sink on the wall. Have the courage to approach the motifs, because details make every photo series really interesting. “Get closer” is one of our most local recommendations.

We say thank you to the following photographers for contributing their photos: Wendelin Jacober, Flickr, Faruk Tokluoğlu, cocoparisienne, Tama66


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