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Unlock the power of our Hotel Presets for Lightroom – an essential toolkit for hoteliers, resort owners, restaurants and hosts. Enhance your property’s appeal with high-quality pictures that attract guests to make bookings. Showcase the unique charm of your accommodations, from boutique hotels to cozy B&Bs and trendy Airbnb listings.

Transform your visuals, transform your business – invest in success with our Hotel Presets for Lightroom today!

• Save Time and Energy
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“I tried these presets for my bed and breakfast, and the pictures are fantastic. Now, more people choose to stay at my place.” Dina Lang

Lightroom Presets for Hotels

Elevate your property’s allure effortlessly with our 35 Lightroom Presets. Tailored for hotels, resorts, B&Bs, and Airbnbs, these versatile tools empower hosts to create captivating visuals. Enhance your online presence, drive bookings, and leave a lasting impression. Invest in success – unlock the potential of our essential Lightroom Presets today.

What’s Included

» 10 Hotel Presets
» 25 Clean Edit Presets
» 1x Instruction Guide (PDF)
» File formats: XMP

Clean Edit Presets

Use the Clean Edit Presets to make basic adjustments and set the foundation for your image. They also speed-up your workflow and offer you endless style combinations.

Compatible with:

» Adobe® Lightroom® 7.5 or later
» Adobe® Camera Raw 10.5 or later

Before European Hotel bedroom After European Hotel bedroom
Before Hotel exterior photo with large pool After Hotel exterior photo with large pool
Before Tropical island resort villas After Tropical island resort villas
Before Boutique hotel guest bedroom After Boutique hotel guest bedroom
Before Airbnb bathroom After Airbnb bathroom
Before Hotel foyer with receptionist After Hotel foyer with receptionist
Before Boutique hotel restaurant After Boutique hotel restaurant
Before Treatment hotel spa After Treatment hotel spa
Before Bed and Breakfast pension bedroom After Bed and Breakfast pension bedroom
Before Hotel guest breakfast pool After Hotel guest breakfast pool


As soon as your payment went through, you receive the download link direct by email.

Follow the simple instructions at How to install Lightroom Presets and start using them on your desktop or mobile device.

Hotel Presets for Lightroom with Easy Adjustment

  • The Hotel Presets for Lightroom have been carefully made by a professional photographer. In short, they are made to look great on many different photos.
  • The Presets are very easy to use with the Desktop version of Lightroom. In fact, you can edit amazing photos on your smartphone.
  • In the first place, take a photo with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, point & shoot camera, or your smartphone. Second, upload a photo and open it in Lightroom. Third, add the preset to your photo.
  • Please keep in mind that preset results can vary with each photo. For example, it can vary depending on the white balance, exposure, tones, and settings of the original photo..
  • After applying a preset, you may need to apply some manual adjustments. However, you can move the filter sliders for the desired result.
  • A preset may alter the skin tone of a person in your photo. In that case, use the color adjustments within Lightroom till you reach a skin tone that works for you.
  • Photos that are overexposed, underexposed, or are of low-quality are not suitable for presets. In that case, you may have limited results.

Clean edit presets allow you to set the perfect foundation of your image by adjusting for example white balance, exposure, whites, etc. Each clean edit preset changes only one value, without overwriting other adjustments and values.

Tips for your Hotel Photography

In the competitive world of hospitality, captivating hotel photos are essential for attracting guests and creating a lasting impression. Whether you’re managing a boutique hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a luxurious resort, here are five tips to help you capture stunning hotel photos that showcase your property in the best light.

  1. Focus on Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, and when it comes to hotel photos, natural light is your best friend. Capture images during the golden hour – the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset – to achieve warm, soft tones that enhance the ambiance of your property. Additionally, strategically use interior lighting to highlight key features and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Highlight Unique Features: Showcase the distinctive elements of your hotel that set it apart from the rest. Whether it’s an elegant lobby, a scenic outdoor space, or thoughtfully designed rooms, focus on capturing these unique features. Use angles that emphasize the character and charm of your property, providing potential guests with a glimpse into the exceptional experience you offer.
  3. Tell a Story with Details: Pay attention to the details that contribute to the overall guest experience. Capture close-up shots of beautifully arranged amenities, such as plush bedding, stylish decor, and inviting seating areas. These details not only create an emotional connection with potential guests but also communicate the level of care and attention they can expect during their stay.
  4. Utilize Professional Equipment: While smartphones have impressive cameras, investing in professional photography equipment can take your hotel photos to the next level. A high-quality camera, tripod, and a variety of lenses will allow you to capture crisp, clear images with greater control over composition and depth of field.
  5. Consider Composition and Framing: Thoughtful composition can significantly impact the visual appeal of your hotel photos. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering views of your property. Pay attention to framing, ensuring that each shot guides the viewer’s focus to the key elements you want to highlight, whether it’s a breathtaking view or an inviting interior space.

By implementing these tips, you can create a visually stunning collection of hotel photos that not only attract potential guests but also convey the unique experience your establishment offers. Each photo is an opportunity to tell your hotel’s story and leave a lasting impression on those considering a stay at your property.

You are not allowed to sell or redistribute to another individual and/or party in any way. You can only use these products for your personal or commercial use. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partnerships. All Presets by Furoore are copyright protected.

Due to the downloadable nature of these products, all digital sales are final sales. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges


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Hotel Presets for Lightroom. Applicable for Resorts, B&B, Restaurants indoor and outdoor.
Hotel Preset Collection